Happy Halloween Dress Up with Elizabeth Pye

Happy Halloween Dress Up with Elizabeth Pye

Happy Halloween & Spooky Greetings

Spooky Halloween Greetings

Happy Halloween is what every child looks forward to on the last day of October. As porch lights illuminate pathways for trick or treaters going house to house, Author Elizabeth Pye joins in on Halloween fun. Could her glowing jack-o-lantern and eighteenth-century character dress-up photos indicate more spooky surprises waiting? You’ll have to read The French Connection books to find that out.









Author Elizabeth Pye and her “old friend”

Elizabeth makes historical fiction feel real on this Halloween in her costume and “old friend”. If you’re one of the people fortunate to attend the November 3rd High Desert Book Festival, I’ll let you in on a secret…

Author Pye, one of the featured authors of the festival, will be displaying a special presentation about her forthcoming and third French Connection series book, Mon Amour, Friend or Foe, set during World War II.

SO…check out Elizabeth Pye’s first two books:

The French Connection Series

The French Connection series began with Silk or Sugar, a romance novel set in Napoleonic France and New Orleans during 1803. When Janine de Fleury sails from New Orleans in 1803 to reclaim her dead parents’ estate—confiscated during the early days of the French Revolution—she discovers an imposter has taken possession of her ancestral home. In an attempt to regain her inheritance, she must rely on someone for whom she holds a deep and secret affection, Etienne Tremeau.

Two time periods are covered in Return to Chateau Fleury, the second book of the series. The story opens in 1998 in Paris with American, Claire Bennett who finds conflict and romance with the dashing French aristocrat, Marc-Claude de Laval. They are entwined in a shared past life together during the latter years of the eighteen century, including the French Revolution.


Now that you’ve received Elizabeth’s spooky greetings this evening along with her “old friend” and glowing jack-o-lantern, visit her Facebook page and stay up-to-date with her current work in progress. She often posts photos of things that inspire her muse like happy Halloween greeting photos, the chateau she stayed at with her husband in France (blog header photo)…

or a costume…

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween Dress Up Photos with Elizabeth Pye

a jack-o-lantern…

Spooky Halloween Greetings







and flowers.

Nature Inspired Writing
Winter Camellias







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More About Elizabeth Pye

Elizabeth Pye has an affinity towards French history, castles, culture, and decor. For example, recently on her Facebook author page, she shared a photo of her and her husband’s very own castle. Combined with being a Francophile, Elizabeth visited France. Therefore, The French Connection books are particularly inspired by her own experiences.

Love Reading Historical Fiction with a Setting in France?

Curl up in a cozy chair with one of The French Connection books this autumn. Imagine that you are tucked into a corner of a secret nook hidden inside a medieval castle tower.

Happy Halloween!

Empty Jack-o-lantern …no candy left!





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