Historical Fiction: Choosing Characters’ Names & Topics

Historical Fiction: Choosing Characters’ Names & Topics

Do you wonder how authors decide on names of characters and book topics? Elizabeth Pye shares her French Connection and Historical Fiction: Choosing Characters’ Names & Topics. Learn how she comes up with names for her characters and the types of topics she enjoys writing.

Author Elizabeth Pye’s Interview,

Historical Fiction: Choosing Characters’ Names & Topics

In an interview with Angie Horn, author, blogger, and social media specialist, Elizabeth shares her story about how she became interested in writing historical fiction. The interview is available on YouTube in several video segments. Choosing Names and Topics, the second video in the series, is shown here:

Interview with Historical Fiction Author Elizabeth Pye by Angie Horn

Angie Horn: “How do you choose the names and characters for the topics for your books?”

Elizabeth Pye: “My topics relate to the title of the series, The French Connection. Since I’m going along that line, it is French in this case. In Silk or Sugar, Janine is a name I received by regression. Etienne is a name from a novel that I read about a French guy that was in a French story.

Minette just came to me – I thought I needed a name for this friend of Janine’s. I don’t know where it came from, and I had never heard it anywhere that I know of. Adrian – I guess I just liked Adrian. A lot of it is whether the name appeals to you, do you like it, and does it seem to fit your character. You think about your character. You picture your characters and their roles in the story, and then choose a name that seems to fit them.”

Return to Chateau Fleury

Historical Fiction: Choosing Characters' Names & Topics
Author Elizabeth Pye

Return to Chateau Fleury, the sequel to Silk or Sugar, is scheduled to be published November 2017. Over two hundred years after the French Revolution, a locket and a diary lure American Claire Bennett back to Paris, the site of her disturbing visions at the infamous Conciergerie prison. Both Queen Marie Antoinette and Claire’s ancestor, Marquise Marie de Fleury, were held at the dreaded facility before being sentenced to the guillotine. She seeks counsel from an unforgettable, heartbreakingly handsome attorney named Marc-Claude Laval, only to discover he is a cousin of the imposter’s descendants. Marc-Claude holds the key for access to Chateau Fleury and may very well assist her – but can she trust him?

How do you choose names for your characters? I love to hear from my readers, so please take a few moments to share about your own experience of choosing names and topics for your books. Visit my Facebook author page for daily inspiration.


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