Return to Chateau Fleury

Return to Chateau Fleury

In this historical romance novel, Claire Bennett, an American, travels to Paris in 1998 to solve the mystery surrounding her French heritage. She finds conflict and romance with the dashing French aristocrat, Marc-Claude de Laval. They are entwined in a shared past life together during the latter years of the eighteenth century, including the French Revolution.

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Discover what happens in Return to Chateau Fleury, Volume Two in The French Connection Series:

historical fiction
Return to Chateau Fleury
Elizabeth Pye
Return to Chateau Fleury

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Château des Sept Tours:

France chateau


Elizabeth snapped the photo shown above of the beautiful castle, Château des Sept Tours, in 2005 when she and her husband spent the night in one of the tower bedrooms in the chateau, now a private golf hotel located in the Loire Valley. Enchanted by the experience, she chose a night photo of the chateau, taken by her husband, for the watercolor design of the Silk or Sugar book cover.

In the fourteenth century, the three-tower manor house, Chateau du Vivier, was renovated and enlarged. Middle Age and Renaissance architectural features were added to impress and showcase the wealth of its owners. During the nineteenth century, a succession of owners updated and added in-vogue architectural elements to the house. Today, the Chateau des Sept Tours is a wonderful example of neo-Gothic architecture.


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