The French Connection: a Historical Fiction Series by Elizabeth Pye

The French Connection: a Historical Fiction Series by Elizabeth Pye

 Elizabeth Pye is writing Lucia’s Poppy Fields, the fourth novel in The French Connection, a historical fiction series. 

The First Half of the Journey – Lucia’s Poppy Fields

The First Half of the Journey

By Elizabeth Pye

In addition to my love of France, I’ve been captivated by another time and place—World War I Belgium—and have succumbed to the promise of an all-consuming seduction while planning, researching, and plotting, the first half of the story that takes place in Belgium before finally writing the fourth novel in my French Connection series, ‘Lucia’s Poppy Fields’, a historical Romance, which brings Lucia and Major Mathieu de Laval together.

Writing the French Connection Series During the Pandemic

The timing couldn’t be better because during this pandemic and social isolation, I’m focused on meeting many of the brave people who lived and died to defend Belgium, a neutral nation that was brutalized by the invading German military forces who occupied their country for four years. In order to write my story, I must become acquainted with the history and geography of the country that at one time was comprised of independent provinces of the Holy Roman Empire.

Map of Belgium, Germany & France

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The beginning of my story focuses on the Province of Liege and on the City of Brussels. The history of Belgium is incredibly detailed and confusing. It was originally a Roman province. Liege is a province located in present day Eastern Wallonia, not far from the German border.

The Kind of Books I Like to Read

I write the kind of books that I like to read, which include memoirs, historical fiction, mysteries, and adventures. Whether reading or writing, I’m completely engrossed in the experience. For example, I’ve become well-acquainted with the English nurse, Edith Cavell, the martyred woman who headed the first school to train Belgian nurses—through ‘Fatal Decisions, Edith Cavell’, by Terri Arthur and ’Edith Cavell, Faith Before the Firing Squad’, by Catherine Butcher.

By Elizabeth Pye

I’ve met countless other heroes and heroines on my path, including Walthere Dewe, an engineer from Liege, who organized the successful resistance cell, ‘Dame Blanche’. He chose the name because there was an ancient prediction that the appearance of a white lady would precede the end of the House of Hohenzollern, the German Imperial family. ‘Belgium in the Great War’ by Jean-Michel Verannman, was a professional diplomat, who wrote this excellent history to record his country’s involvement and roles in the war.

My main characters are my friends.

These brave people are my acquaintances. Their contributions and sacrifices must not be forgotten with the passage of time. They are my constant companions while I work on ’Lucia’s Poppy Fields’.


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