20 Spring Writing Prompts

20 Spring Writing Prompts

Spring writing prompts invite a writer’s muse with the suggestion of sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches of the season’s exquisite beauty. Adventure down spring’s path, and write as your senses speak to you.

Write what comes as you read the first ten prompts. Then let the next ten photos and their titles suggest

    1. Still feeling the acute loss, she watched as the cardinal swooped from the tall pine toward the porch.
    2. Five dogwoods lined the beginning of a dirt path beside the two-lane road.
    3. A rooster crowed, disturbing me from the dream.
    4. I leaned over to breathe in the scent of the honeysuckle beside a log, and out of nowhere…
    5. The aroma of jasmine permeated the air.
    6. Pink blossoms on the lone cherry tree danced in the wind.
    7. Just as I reached up to feel the delicate jasmine flowers, my companion yelled, “Step back!”
    8. Specks of gold moved through the thick meadow of purple flowers.
    9. Sheets of heavy rain were blinding…
    10. Looking in awe at the fields of poppies…
    11. writing prompts
      Pink Flowers


    12. writing prompts
      Easter Flowers


    13. writing prompts
      Flower Buds


    14. writing prompts
      Purple Irises


    15. writing prompts
      Star-Shaped Lily


    16. writing prompts
      Budding Bush


    17. writing prompts
      Spring Yellow on White Petals


    18. writing prompts
      A bird perched on a rooftop


    19. writing prompts
      A hint of blush


    20. writing prompts
      White flowers of spring

Springtime awakens the muse that can become dormant from winter. Vibrant yellow and purple hues of flowers cover meadows, and trees blossom in white and pink. Nature refreshes the soul, and words seem to flow with a newness of life as the season progresses.








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